In the year 2013, O Nata and Papillon, 2 friends from high school decided to join the so-called "Cool Kids Club" (a.k.a The Mafia). This was an underground club where everyone had to purchase cryptocurrencies from the dark web to achieve their belief in an anarchist society and to ultimately overthrow the government. The club owned guns, grenades, and other weapons of mass destruction. During one of the major clashes with another mafia gang, O Nata and Papillon got severely injured in the head and fell into a coma for years. 

By the time they wake up, it was already the year 2022. The two of them were completely broke and could not even afford a hamburger. Deep down both of them were completely devastated and angry hoping that one day they would rise again. O Nata came up with a plan, they would be disguised as a monk in the real world to prevent any speculation from the police and governmental authorities. After some deep thoughts, O Nata and Papillon decided that they will use the cryptocurrencies they bought years ago to build their vision of a mafia within the metaverse. In the same year, Monk Mafia was born.

Development of IND.

"Independent" (IND) as the name suggests, is a decentralised platform/ social marketplace that offers independent music artists the ability to connect along with investors and digitally exchange NFTs for their creations within a sustainable and powerful tokenomiccs system that runs on the Solana blockchain..

Publicity on IND.

Publications of IND will be launched. IND will be featured by an enormous amount of International Media Outlets within both the music industry and institution side. Collaborations with Twitter and Youtube influencers will kick in to expose the concept of IND (What Music NFT is, and how Monk Mafia will be the first to get into Music NFT) towards the NFT Space.

On Board!

Artists and musicians will start to be on board of IND. and will be able to have their unreleased track listed for the public to invest.

Monk Mafia's going International

You'll be SHOCKED and completely surprised by what we will be doing (This is literally going to be a HUGE thing... so stay tune).

Development & Setup of DAO-wallet

25% profit from all source of Income will be allocated to Monk Mafia's DAO-wallet. (Creative Design & management, Music, Cryptos and Startups)

SOL-distribution system will be finalised, holders will receive SOLs with the similar concept of 'Passive-Income'. 

Investing in Talents

We will be in collaboration with a few talents management focusing on investing in their artists.

The community will be able to preview all the artists' unreleased music and vote on which few songs they're willing to invest in.

Through this approach, the community will own part of the master rights and royalties of the song(s), secure at least 25% of the total revenue from the artists, and ultimately make a greater return.

This will be massive as we aim to be one of the OGS to launch our project on Jack Dersey's new marketplace "BLOK" exclusive for music NFTs.

This would be a game-changer for both the NFT and Music industy.

SURPRISE for our Holders!

Another surprise for holders, (we are going institutional... shhh...)

Development & Integration 

Development on integrating the technical side of music into Smart Contract. (Royalties allocation & distribution, Master rights allocation, Publication rights allocation, Legal documents and Cover songs licensing and more) 

Launch of NFT Music Project

Launching multiple NFT Music Projects, from collaborations with artists, record label to our in-House artists or even management-collaboration artists.

25% Profits from all of these Music NFT Projects will be allocated back to the DAO-walet as well.

Our Team

Monk O Nata
Founder & "Vision"
Monk Nagini
Lead Illustrator
Monk Fanks
Lead Marketer
Monk Papillon
Founder & "Joker"
Monk Neel
Lead 3D-Designer
Monk Savy
Lead Marketer
Monk CasamigosFounder & Creative Director

Monk Benji
Publicist & PR
Monk MT
Community Manager
Monk Jr
Board Advisory
Monk Haru
Lead Illustrator
Monk Evangelion
Community Manager


     ★ Community Protection:
    The Monk Mafia team believes that the rights of our community’s Holders, Investors and Collectors are of the utmost importance. 
    ● Safeguarding our community members: we will offer buybacks for their Monk Mafia NFTS if the price falls below Pre-sale Price and unannounced-random sweep.
    ● 10% Royalties of secondary sales market (10% royalties) distributed back to holders.
    ● DAO-wallet Setup, where 25% Profits from all source of incomes will be allocated to that Dao-wallet, and distributing SOLs/USDT back to all Holders.

     ★Monk Network (Offline)
    Community is the Key
     ● Introducing the 'Ring System' where holders and new-joiners can earn 'Rings' from all online & offline events, raids, games etc. 'Rings' can be exchanged into SOLs, USDT, real-life events perks, hospitality perks and much more!
    ● Weekly Online events and mini-gams for all Holders to participate, with real-life rewards

     ★ Monk Network (Online)
    Networking with our strong knit community through real life events! 
    ● Collaboration with RMBA - Monthly Special events including International Top 100 DJs and Special-themed events in Hong Kong.
     ● Implementing Hospitality Team where holders will be able to enjoy free entry, complimentary drinks, discounted perks and benefits with a lot of nightlife venues and hosts, more TBA soon. (F & B collabs coming soon!)
    ● Networking events hosted in Private and mysterious venues

    ★Spreading Love and Peace
    Say No to Racism! Make Love no hate!
    5% of our revenue will be distributed towards anti-racism and anti-violence campaigns.